Safety Measures When Handling Glass and Mirrors

Mirrors and glasses are fragile items that easily break. Apart from the “handle with care” caution you see on boxes and wraps to ensure you take caution when handling these fragile pieces, there is a lot more you can do when packing or unpacking these materials. This is why we have provided a procedure for safe mirror frame installation. We have also compiled some of the crucial safety measures and practices you should follow when handling mirrors and glasses. Here are the dos and don’ts.

The Dos

  • Wear Rubber Gloves When Handling Mirrors

This is one of the most important practices you should observe when handling mirrors. It is easy for a frameless mirror to slip off your hands, and this is why you need to wear a pair of runner gloves. They offer the anti-slip effect and protect your hands from being cut by sharp ends.

  • Unwrap Glasses and Mirrors on a Soft Surface

When unboxing glasses and mirrors, always do it on a soft surface like a carpet on the bed. If the mirror is too large to fit on a carpet or bed, consider laying it flat on the floor before unwrapping to reduce the chance of breaking. You may also spread a thick fabric like a blanket on the floor.

  • Wear Closed Shoes

It is crucial to wear closed shoes to ensure they are safe should an accident occur. Shattering glass is dangerous and can cause severe injuries. Ensure you wear closed shoes and a long-sleeved shirt and a trouser when handling the mirrors.

  • Call Professionals

The ultimate safety of handling glasses and mirrors is calling a professional installer. The person should be an expert with full training and qualities to handle the job safely.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t Carry Mirrors on Your Head

Carrying a mirror on your head is dangerous since if it breaks, the first place to be injured will be your head. It is advisable to carry it on the side instead.

  • Don’t Wear Rings or Watches

Watches, rings, and bracelets can scratch the surface of the mirror or chip the edge. Therefore, avoid wearing them when handling mirrors or glasses.

  • Don’t Try to Catch a Falling Mirror or Glass

The best thing to do when a mirror is close to crashing is to move away as far as possible. Trying to catch it even if you think you can do it will only put you at risk of injuries or even a fall.

  • Don’t Hang a Mirror When the Floor is Wet

If you are walking on a wet floor, there is a higher risk of slipping and falling. It is even more dangerous when working on a mirror. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure the floor is dry before you start your work. If possible, wear rubber shoes to prevent falls.

  • Don’t Climb a Ladder When Holding a Mirror

If you have to use a ladder to install a mirror, avoid climbing when holding the piece. Instead, ask another person to hold it for you as you climb.


These are vital safety precautions you should follow when handling glasses and mirrors. It is crucial to ensure you are safe and you don’t lose this valuable piece. If possible, ask for help or call professionals.

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