Is a Tiny House Right for Your Hobby Farm?

The tiny home movement has gained a lot of popularity over the last several years across the United States. But what about a farm? Can a tiny home have a place on a farm or a rural property?

In addition to the growing popularity of tiny homes is the growing popularity of the hobby farm. These are small farms with the main focus of sustaining the family that lives on the land rather than a focus of farming out acres and acres of land to sell a product to the general public. More and more Americans have taken up an interest in hobby farms to help them live a more self-sustained lifestyle.

What about putting a tiny house on your hobby farm? Is a tiny house the way to go for your tiny farm? To help you decide whether a tiny house is right for your farm here are five reasons that tiny houses are a great fit for a rural property.

You may already have a building on your farm that could be a perfect tiny home

There may already be a building or two that can be remodeled and revised into a suitable tiny home on your land. You may have an older log cabin on the property that has gone unused for decades just waiting for the right person to give it some love and turn it into a home.

Maybe there is an old shed or another outbuilding like a small barn that could be creatively turned into the most unique home that you will love for years to come. Of course, this will take a little bit of construction know-how.

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You already have a piece of land to locate it

If you do not have a structure that can be turned into a tiny home you probably have a piece of land where you could fit a tiny home into the farm. When you own a farm you have a fairly sizable amount of land that could make a suitable location for a tiny home. You might even have several locations that would be great for putting up a tiny home structure.

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It is somewhat easier to set up an off-grid lifestyle

A tiny home that is off-grid requires much less setup and much less permit and construction requirements as compared to a traditional home with traditional utility hookups. Rural spaces can be much more difficult as compared to those in suburbs and cities to run items like plumbing and electricity to. Having a piece of land that is further out from the main utility hub requires more time, more effort, and more cost to hook things up.

It can be much less of a headache to set up an off-grid tiny home lifestyle on your rural hobby farm. It will also save a lot of money on housing costs.

You can keep it portable and move it to another location if you so decide

There are many tiny houses that are built on wheels making them able to move from one location to another very easily. Most often these tiny homes are put on wheels with the intention of traveling with your home in tow. On a hobby farm, you most likely are not planning to travel the world, but it could be a good means of having a home that you could move around the farm for different purposes.

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Maybe you can’t decide on exactly which location is your favorite on your land. You could easily move your home from your favorite location to your favorite location as often as you desire. Or should you decide that someday you would like to build a traditional large home on the property, this allows you to easily move and retain the tiny home for other uses on the property such as a very comfortable guest space.

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