Selecting the Best Inground Pool Shape for Your Home

Adding a swimming pool to your home brings amazing beauty features everyone will admire. The good news is that you will have countless options if you want to include a swimming pool in your backyard. We can all agree that actualizing your swimming pool dreams into reality is a thrilling experience. Also, your decisions regarding your pool will make it stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. One of those crucial decisions is your pool’s shape. Selecting a pool shape that aligns with your style preferences is essential. Nevertheless, the shape should also fit your backyard from a logistics and aesthetics point of view. This article provides everything you need to know about choosing the right pool shape for your home. 

Shape Options for Swimming Pools

 Generally, swimming pools can be constructed in various shapes. Swimming pool shape options range from flowing looks with curves to natural ones. Also, your pool’s style could be more modern, linear, and straight-lined. While linear polls are usually rectangular, they also include different preferences regarding their edge’s length and size. 

When choosing your pool’s shape, one can also consider something completely personalized, thus going for unique shapes like a piano, guitar, etc. Here is what you should remember when choosing your pool’s shape. 

The Style of the Surrounding Landscape

Generally, you have a lot to consider regarding your home’s landscaping, including your home’s architectural style. Considering the already existing features, which shape best suits your inground pool? Usually, you will want to construct a pool that complements what you already have in your environment. 

Consider Your Personal Design Preferences

Generally, most individuals tend to lean towards a natural, free-flowing look or a modern linear look for their inground pools. Your personal preferences will play a significant role in deciding the shape to go for. Besides, you want a shape that will bring you joy every time you glance at it. 

Plans for Use/ Functionality

The right shape selection for your pool will also be determined by what you plan to use it for. While the obvious reason for constructing a pool is to swim, a pool can be useful in many other ways. Some useful questions to ask include:

  • Do you think you will do more lounging than swimming in the future?
  • Do you have kids who will use the pool?
  • Will you use the pool for leisure swimming or professional practice?

Considering such factors will help you select the best shape to suit your needs.

Space Available

You must consider the space you have in your backyard before selecting a pool shape. For example, you cannot go for an irregular shape if you have limited space. Also, you need to factor in other outdoor living features you want to incorporate around the inground pool. This way, you will determine the best pool shape that fits your area while maximizing the pool’s functionality. 

Remember, you must work with a reputable pool contractor to achieve the best results for your pool. Contact Jacksonville Pool Builders for the best services in town. 


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