Refurbishing Your Home for Child and Pet Compatibility

Small hands and paws are often behind accelerated deterioration that occurs within the home. From hard to remove carpet stains to unsightly scratches on furniture, the whirlwind of activity from these young ones and four-legged friends seems boundless. There’s no need to simply submit to the disarray, however. One can take active steps to shield against the untidiness. In what follows, we explore a variety of materials and domestic design alternatives to fortify your living space in the face of energetic kids and pets.

Beginning with the walking areas: your flooring endures constant use and, as such, certain types may show signs of wear prematurely. For households with energetic youngsters or pets that may be accident-inclined, consider solution-dyed fiber carpets. This cutting-edge dyeing technique infuses the fibers with color, significantly boosting their resistance to stains. These carpets come in a wide color palette and are crafted without harmful chemicals, ensuring a vibrant yet safe environment conducive to health and enjoyment.

Another robust and stylish alternative for flooring is stone plastic composite (SPC) luxury vinyl. This environmentally conscious, waterproof flooring features a stone dust core, providing a more robust and longer-lasting surface than traditional vinyl or composite flooring. A transparent top layer offers enhanced resistance to scratches and stains. Additionally, SPC is designed for ease of installation and comes in a vast range of patterns that emulate the elegance of wood and stone finishes.

As for the walls, which can become inadvertent canvases for kids or targets of pet splatter, they may need a boost in defense. Elevating your wall’s resilience can be as easy as selecting the right paint. A satin or eggshell finish paint allows for a more manageable cleaning process, making it possible to remove marks and messes easily.

To add a touch of sophistication while still keeping walls robust for family living, look into pet-resistant wallpaper. Whether it’s for a statement-making feature wall or a welcoming hallway, the range of contemporary wallpaper designs is extensive. Crafted from durable and non-toxic materials, these wallpapers are designed for increased resistance to wear and ease of maintenance. When it’s time for a wall makeover, take a look at the extensive options of non-woven or vinyl-coated wallpapers to achieve a personal touch that you will treasure.

Furniture selection also plays a vital role, particularly the choice of fabrics. The market now offers a plethora of textiles built to stand up to bustling family life. Solution-dyed acrylic fabrics, for example, repel spills and resist stains, making them ideal for both ornamental and utilitarian items like pillows and cushions. For those who have already chosen their furnishings, slipcovers are a clever solution for maintenance. These washable covers are adaptable and can be switched out with the changing seasons, assisting in the preservation of your furniture’s appearance and condition.

Interested in discovering more about selecting materials that accommodate both children and pets in your home? Peruse the attached resource from Floor Covering Associates for additional insights.

Infographic created by FCA Floor Covering Associates, Offering Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Flooring and More

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