How To Add Last-Minute Value To A Property

There’s an old saying among retailers that tells sellers you don’t sell the steak, you sell the sizzle. And, while this is a simplification of a complex topic, there is a great deal to be said for the promotion of a product’s image and value over its actual substance when it comes to advertising. This idea also extends to the property market.

Those selling a home not only have the innate value of their property, that which is fixed to qualities such as location and size, but also to its appearance and appeal, or its sizzle. While those selling their home can add value to their property in the run-up to placing it on the market, with extensions and renovations, there are still ways that last-minute value can be added by considering the home’s sizzle.

Colourful Exteriors

Repainting a property before it is placed on the market is generally a good idea because it helps a home to feel brand new, bringing a freshness to its interior. Those who want to add even more value to their property should consider painting the exterior and going further to consider a bright colour.

More locations in the UK are seeing colourful houses appear. This trend builds upon the popularity of such iconic areas as Bristol’s Clifton, where colourful houses represent community and prosperity, as well as offer a photogenic aspect to the streets. By bringing this colour and association to a home, sellers can potentially increase the value of their property and, at the very least, make a brilliant first impression.

Addition Of An Outbuilding

Those with a garden are likely to have seen their property value increase over the past few years due to considerable demand for private outdoor space. Those who want to build upon this can also add an outbuilding to their garden space, partially reducing the upkeep expected of an outdoor area while also expanding the potential living space of a property.

Log cabins and summer houses are becoming more popular across the country, especially in the wake of the growing remote working culture that has prompted the need for more private and professional spaces within the home. These spaces, however, have many uses and are becoming blank canvases for creativity, as well as ideal settings for guest houses and dining areas.

Smart Features

Digital devices for the home can benefit residents in a number of ways, from adding the luxury of ease to a routine or even saving money on energy bills. Assets such as smart boilers can even do both. Now, with the arrival of smart and electric vehicles, there is even more pressure on the home to step into the 21st century.

By installing or, simply, adding certain smart devices to a living space, sellers can add value to their home. While more costly, the smart boiler is a great example because it will, over time, save money for residential energy costs, making a home more appealing to buyers who are looking for a home that is cost-effective to run.

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