Why Wood Burning Chimneys Must Be Lined

More and more UK homeowners are turning to wood burning stoves to provide that essential winter heating, and when using wood from a sustainable source, using wood to generate heat is very eco-friendly. Of course, like any fire, you need a chimney, and when burning wood logs, the chimney must be lined, for the following reasons.

  1. Essential Insulation – With a new wood burner in Lymington recently installed, you would also have to ensure that the chimney or flue is lined, as much of the valuable heat generated by the burner will be lost.
  2. Optimise the Heat Efficiency – A lined chimney ensures that your wood burning stove retains the heat within the desired area, and if your chimney needs to be lined, the stove installation team would be happy to line the chimney.
  3. Slow Burning – There are fire risks when slow burning for long periods of time, which is yet another reasons why a lining is important. If the stove supplier is making the flue, you can rest assured it will be lined. Obviously, the flue is important to remove toxic fumes, and with the right lining, there is no risk of combustion due to long slow-burning.

    If you are thinking about installing a wood burning stove, an online search will help you locate a local supplier, and with their help, you will have a warm Christmas this year. There is a wide range of styles to suit every environment, from modern to antique, and with a local timber supplier, you will always be nice and cosy.

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