Where to find the best suppliers of firewood?

Wood remains the most sought-after and environmentally friendly fuel. Today kiln-dried firewood is used in homes and businesses. Wood is used to heat summer houses in stoves, fireplaces, bathhouses, steam rooms, barbecues, and grills. Firewood from the manufacturer is of high quality: it will burn evenly without producing much smoke and give off heat well.

The best suppliers of UK firewood
Delivery of firewood is engaged in organizations whose activity is associated with the reception of wood waste for disposal, felling, and pruning of trees, furniture, wood processing enterprises, and wood processing plants. Finding such a company can take some time.

Therefore, it is better to buy a car of firewood with delivery in advance while it is warm and dry. This will save your nerves, time, and budget. And suddenly come, cold weather will not be afraid of you.

Who is the best supplier of UK logs? There are hundreds of suppliers of logs and briquettes in the UK, but we recommend you look at Homefire reviewCertainly Wood review, White Horse Energy review and Lekto Woodfuels. These suppliers are notable for the high quality of their products and are considered leaders in the UK market.

What does the modern consumer need firewood for?
Wood has been an affordable source of warmth and comfort since ancient times. A warm home is a comfort above all. Nowadays, there are other energy sources, but firewood use is still relevant, especially in remote communities.

The main characteristics of wood and bark to assess them as firewood
Dry logs burn faster and produce more heat. Dry wood usually has a moisture content of 20% or less. It is advisable to make firewood in winter when there is less water in the wood.

Ash content
This indicator is determined by the amount of ash that remains when the wood burns. The more minerals the wood contains, the more ash it leaves behind. The ashiest firewood is pine, spruce, birch, and aspen.

The dense the wood, the more “hot” it makes firewood. On the other hand, less dense wood burns faster; therefore, you must reload the stove many times to heat it to the desired temperature.

Resin content
Softwood firewood (pine, spruce) contains the most resin. These should be used as something other than firewood for a charcoal grill. Resin secretions will spoil the taste of the food.

Heat output
The heat (200-350 kcal) gives the most warmth (200-350 kcal) adequately harvested and dried logs from birch, beech, hornbeam, ash, elm, larch, maple, and oak.

What kind of firewood is good for what?
The densest firewood – ash, oak, hornbeam, acacia – is usually ordered for heating because it gives a lot of heat and burns for a long time. Birch, oak, and alder firewood are bought for cooking because of their fragrant smoke and valuable properties.

For a bath with an open fire, traditionally buy linden, birch, and alder firewood, and for an enclosed fire – any hardwood. Hornbeam, maple, acacia, alder, and aspen look beautiful in the fireplace and hardly smoke.

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