The clean kitchen: how to design a low-maintenance cooking space

We get it: life is busy. In fact, life can be so busy that it can be difficult to always clean the home. This is especially so with the kitchen, a room that accumulates dust, grease, grime and gunk far more than any other space. As such, you might be wondering how you can remodel your cooking zone into a space that is easy-to-clean and almost no-maintenance!

Here are seven ways you can do just that:

  1. Keep lights away from the stove

Your stove is the key producer of grease and grime. Anything hanging around near the stove will take on this infectious grime and gunk whilst making it super hard to remove. Therefore, the best kitchen designs Castle Hill has will recommend keeping hanging lighting fixtures away from the stove.

But, naturally, your stove needs some lighting – enter recessed can lighting or those that can be installed in the range hood above the stove. Both are easy-to-clean and don’t take on obvious grease and grime stains.

  1. Simplify your cabinetry cleaning

By taking your cabinetry all the way to the ceiling you avoid unwanted accumulations of dust, dirt, grime and other substances. Or, you can completely avoid lower cabinet and pantry storage if you already have enough lower-cabinet storage. You will lose storage space this way but if you don’t need all that extra space then don’t worry – it’s much easier to clean.

  1. Install an undermount sink

Undermount sinks make wiping crumbs and spills into the sink an absolute breeze. This is because it doesn’t have the edge trim that drop-in sinks have. These sinks are notorious for getting crumbs and spills caught up in their trim. Therefore, an undermount sink is perfect for avoiding this irritating occurrence.

  1. Keep your bin near your sink

Because the last thing you want is to be running between the sink and the bin when rinsing dishes. By having your bin in a convenient location near your sink (and prep space, too) you will be simplifying the cleaning process whilst avoiding dropping food scraps all over the floor.

  1. Add more bins if necessary

Because anyone who has spent any time in the kitchen knows how frustrating a lack of bin space can be. You’re trying to cook a delicious meal whilst cleaning as you go but you’re constantly forcing prep scraps into a quickly overflowing bin – it’s a nightmare! So, if possible, install a small extra bin that will allow you to clean or prep without the frustrations of running out of space.

  1. Don’t forget a smooth splashback

Because the walls above our sinks and prep zones are susceptible to taking on all kinds of mess. Therefore, it’s a great idea to ensure you have a smooth marble, porcelain, glass or even washable paint splashback in the kitchen to allow you to easily clean it when necessary.

These materials are perfect as they allow us to quickly wipe down the surface with just a sponge, water and a little cleaning product. Just be sure to avoid splashbacks with plenty of grout, as they can take on stains and are susceptible to water damage.

  1. Choose appliances that are easy-to-clean

Standing around cleaning crevice and corner-laden appliances is a nuisance – we all know this. So, if possible, try and find appliances with smooth surfaces that are easy-to-clean. This means avoiding stovetops and other cooking essentials that have hard-to-reach gaps in their knobs as well as hardware that could accumulate muck whilst being hard to actually clean!

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