How Your Home Can Help You to Be the Perfect Host

Whether you are snacking in the sunshine or playing board games by the fire, hosting friends and family within your home can be one of the most rewarding social experiences. At a time when social distancing is still commonplace and travel restrictions prevent many holidays, it is also one of the many activities residents are able to enjoy comfortably.

Some homes, however, are more guest-friendly than others and, while we may not actively realise it, visitors to our homes will be acutely aware of how your home leads them to feel. Factors such as seating, cleanliness, and space, will each be on the mind of newcomers. By giving these factors and others due consideration, your home can help you to be the perfect host. Here’s everything you need to know.

Seats and Their Arrangement


Seating is an essential asset for the host. If guests cannot clearly find a seat, one that is also comfortable, then they will instantly feel uncomfortable. Truly effective seating, however, will consider the appropriate arrangements too. Seats, whether gathered around a table or centred in a room, should be appropriately faced toward each other and not at a central device, such as a television. Without this consideration, people will be naturally inclined to turn away from the conversation, leading to stilted chatter.

For an extra level of comfort, ensure that each seat also has supporting furniture too, whether this is a side table or coffee table, allowing guests to get comfortable by placing their phones and drinks to the side, instead of having to keep ahold of them, and become distracted as a result. When in the garden, be sure to consider much the same, with assets such as rattan corner dining sets being ideal for outdoor meals.

Luxurious Privacy


Hosting guests to stay necessitates a place to sleep and, while your younger friends may be happy to pull out the cushions of a sofa, such a set-up is likely to be appropriate for all. Spare rooms open the door to longer stays and will benefit from being as private as possible. This means that, should guests be able to access a bathroom, like an en suite, without needing to impose on the homeowner, they will feel far more comfortable.

Space to Share


When occupying the same living area, space becomes a valuable resource. Homes that are blessed with such generous capacities will thrive when hosting many guests but for smaller proprieties, welcoming friends can feel too intimate and uncomfortable. While it’s difficult to expand your living space there are often many storage solutions that will maximise a home’s potential.

Seek out modular and vertical storage options, those that allow you to relieve floorspace of its load as well as make last minute and simple adjustments to your living space. Other options, such as merging storage into large furniture items, can be a quick solution to last-minute storage needs too. Making the effort to clear away your nonessentials will create far more valuable space as a result.

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