What Are The Names Of Different Types Of Windows?


Windows and doors come in varying sizes and styles. So, if you are thinking about choosing any product, it is paramount to understand the various types of windows available. By knowing this, it will be easier for you to select a window type that suits your home.

In this post, we will highlight the names of different types of windows.

·       Casement windows

Casement windows often come with a hand crank that rotates at its bottom. Due to the placement of the crank, these windows are known to swing open. Since the whole windows can be open widely, casement windows offer excellent ventilation. Also, they are easy to operate as you can open the crank with a single hand.

Besides, all areas of the swinging window panel are sealed. This sealing ensures that casement windows are energy efficient.

·       Picture windows

Picture windows are relatively common windows that offer an exceptional view of the things happening outside of your home. Notably, most picture windows are large and are known to be energy efficient. Although these windows are fixed, they can sometimes be paired with some types of movable and operable windows.

·       Bay windows

Bay windows have numerous angled window panels and can be extended outwardly. Because it is possible to open the angled side of these windows, bay windows often give room for lots of ventilation to enter a room. It should be noted that bay windows are often installed in kitchens.

·       Bow windows

These windows have a curved/circular area outside of the house and provide a great view of the things happening outside. Otherwise called compass windows, bow windows can combine several small windows; thus, making your home appear like a Victorian-style home.

Although curved windows are operable, they can be combined with fixed windows. With this, they offer great views as well as exceptional ventilation.

·       Single-hung windows

Single-hung windows feature two sashes – an upper sash and a lower sash. However, only the bottom sash is operable. This means that you cannot open or close the upper sash of a single hung window. These windows are often recommended for bathrooms, bathrooms, and other small rooms.

·       Double-hung windows

Like single hung windows, double-hung windows have an upper sash and a bottom sash. But double-hung windows are slightly different because both the upper and lower sashes can be opened and closed. Due to their operability, you can determine the sash you want to open or close.

·       Awning windows

Awning windows appear like casement windows but they can only be swung open vertically. These windows also provide great ventilation and can be installed in bedrooms and other rooms. In addition, you can use them in narrow and high places such as above windows and doors.

·       Skylight windows

Skylight windows are great for adding natural light to a home. Notably, they are usually installed in places with high exterior walls. They can either be movable or fixed. When movable, skylight windows can bring lots of ventilation into a home.

The names of other types of windows include dormers, transom windows, horizontal sliding windows, and arched windows.

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