Types of Cushion Fabrics for Outdoor Furniture 

Outdoor cushions add comfort and style to outdoor seating. If you want outdoor pillows that can withstand the sun and the elements. Since the factors such as rain, pollen, and sunlight can damage your outdoor cushions, invest in high-quality outdoor textiles engineered to withstand the elements. This article will look at some of the cushion fabrics for outdoor furniture.

Why choose custom cushions and covers

Custom cushions and covers are more beneficial when it comes to your furniture. These are customized to match your needs and preferences. Custom cushion outdoor furniture is designed specifically for your required fittings. Also, other benefits include;

  • You get an excellent style- With custom covers; you choose the design by yourself. Therefore you end up getting a matching pattern for your furniture. If you hire experts to do it, you provide the best style of your own choice.
  • Perfect size and shape-You need cushions and covers that perfectly fit your furniture. Custom cushions and caps come in suitable sizes and shapes since you ensure you got ones that match your measurement.
  • With custom covers, you choose the best fabric since you pick the best material for your taste.

Types of cushion fabrics for outdoor furniture 

  1. Acrylic fabric

Acrylic is mold and mildew resistant; it’s also resistant to tearing and rubbing. Acrylic textile threads are colored first before weaving, allowing them to retain their color even when exposed to direct sunshine. Furthermore, the acrylic fabric can withstand many hours of UV exposure!

If you live in a rainy area, acrylic makes an excellent choice. It’s as soft as wool and can wick away moisture. Acrylic is an excellent cloth for your outdoor furniture since it stays cool in hot weather.

  1. Polyester fabric

The polyester fabric is weather and stain-resistant. It’s also resistant to tear and dries fast. Polyester fabric provides you with more vibrant colors and swirling patterns. However, when you expose it to direct sunshine, it will not last long. You can best use this cloth in shady places with less UV exposure.

  1. Textilene fabric 

This fabric is made from woven polyester, usually covered with PVC. In most cases, it’s used for outdoor furniture and sunshades. You gain numerous benefits; it’s mold-resistant and does not get wet even when rained on. Also, it’s flame retardant and long-lasting.

The olefin fabric is yet another type that can suit your outdoor furniture. This type is highly fade and stain-resistant. It withstands mildew and dries up faster. Also, it’s very easy to maintain when it comes to cleaning.

However, choosing the most suitable fabric for your outdoor furniture will be determined by several factors. Your priorities and preferences also matter a lot. If you want your outdoor door furniture to look fabulous, consider the quality of the fabric and clean it regularly to sustain its life span.

Final thoughts

Outdoor furniture portrays the appeal and charm of your home exteriors. Hence you need attractive fabrics for their cushions. Custom cushions and covers are a great choice for your outdoor furniture. They will give your furniture an excellent outlook and raise the value of your home.

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