Tips For Hiring House Cleaners

After working all day, whether it is outside or inside the home, you don’t want to have to think about cleaning, This could be your primary residence or even a vacation rental. It can be tough to hire a cleaner because there is a level of trust you want to have when someone is in your home. So, how do you hire a house cleaner? Let’s look at some of the best tips for finding a house cleaner you won’t want to live without.

Tips For Hiring the Right House Cleaner

Know What to Look For

Greg Dallaire, Expert Green Bay WI Realtor offers this: “If you are hiring a housecleaner for the first time you want to look for experience. This is someone that will be in your home, so you want someone trustworthy and reliable. You also want to check that their schedule works with yours so that they are cleaning at a convenient time for you.”

Get Referrals and Check Out Reviews

Ask around! Check n with family, friends, and neighbors to see if they have any recommendations. In addition to those references, you can check online sources and look at reviews from past customers. Check out at least 3 individuals or companies so you can see who will be the best fit for your home and cleaning needs.


Interview the individual or company that will be cleaning your home and ask them all of the potential questions you might have. There is no silly question, you want to be as thorough with your interviewing process as you can be.

Background Check and Verify Liabilities

Norfolk Real Estate Experts Crescas Real Estate Offers These Tips: “Any house cleaner you hire will have access to your home and personal belongings. You want to make sure they are responsible and trustworthy. If you are working with a company, ask if they do background checks on their employees and make sure you understand the company’s liabilities if something was to be damaged or if any on-site injuries occurred. You want to see these agreements in writing.”


Once you feel confident in your selection of a house cleaner you will make your agreement. This is where you decide how often they come, what the hours ate, and the payment. You want everything in writing, specifically what exactly they are responsible for cleaning and if any areas need to be cleaned a specific way. All of this should be decided upon in an official agreement.

Know What To Take Care Of

When your house cleaners arrive you want them to focus on cleaning, not clutter. This means leaving your spaces clear so they can do their job in the best way possible. You must know what to take care of before they arrive and ask ahead of time what they recommend to their homeowners.

In Conclusion

 Whether you are looking to buy or sell a primary residence or vacation home, cleaning services are extremely helpful. Take all of these things into consideration as you search for the house cleaner that best fits your needs.

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