Mark Roemer Oakland Details How to Prevent Your House from Being Victim of a Burglary


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, every homeowner must take preventive measures to ensure they don’t become the victim of a burglary, or even worse, a home invasion. The aftermath of burglary can affect your physical and mental health and cause you to feel unsafe in your own home. Fortunately, with a little planning and by following the recommended safety practices, it is possible to reduce the chance of your home becoming the target of a burglar.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips you can follow to prevent your house from being the victim of a burglary:

  1. Install home security systems – Installing a user-friendly home security system should be a priority if you live in a less than desirable neighborhood. Modern home security systems come with many exciting features such as remote video monitoring capabilities that enable owners to monitor their house from their smartphones or laptops, magnetic sensors, alarms, and will notify the authorities automatically in case of break-ins so that they can respond promptly. Plus, they also serve as a deterrent to anybody who is planning to commit burglary.

In addition to home security systems, motion sensors, and cameras, you can put up signs such as ‘Beware of Dogs’ to achieve peace of mind for your loved ones and belongings.

  1. Install strong doors and cover the windows – Install thick and strong doors or reinforce old doors to fortify them against brute force. Ensure to install secure locking mechanisms such as deadbolts and more to make it more difficult for an intruder to brute force their way into your home. Burglars often avoid breaking into houses that appear super secure since they don’t want to waste time chipping away at the security features.

Covering your windows from the inside using blinds would prevent a clear view of your belongings inside the house and reduce any incentive for the thief to break inside.

  1. Invest in bright lighting – Most thieves or burglars prefer breaking into houses that are surrounded by darkness and avoid houses that have a well-lit yard since they are visible from a distance and can blow their cover. Thus, it is a good idea to keep the exterior of your house well-lit, especially when you are leaving for a bit to ensure nobody knows you are not inside. You can even invest in a spotlight camera that can provide lighting and also offer surveillance.
  1. Make your house difficult to break into – Invest in good-quality locks, doorknobs, deadbolts, and even smart locks to make your home more difficult to break into. This includes keeping your garage doors closed and locked and always carrying the keys with you when leaving for some work. Never keep a spare key outside your house since criminals often follow your daily behavior and are aware of such habits.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you don’t do anything that can tempt a burglar to choose you and your home as a target. For instance, eliminate unruly trees and shrubs in your property that can serve as blind spots for the thieves. Also, ensure you don’t keep tall objects such as ladders or large appliances outside when not in use since thieves can use them to climb higher and gain access to your house from the top.

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