How to keep the bathroom warm during Winter?

bathroom with ceramic bathtub

Bathrooms are often the coldest rooms in a house, and can be a real challenge to heat. The main problem is that it is not such a big area, yet it requires a lot of air changes to ventilate the steam. No wonder people dread getting out of the shower. A bathroom is usually small and most times poorly ventilated, which means that it can be horribly cold in winter.

It is by now a sadly established fact that it can be painfully chilly to step out of the shower in the middle of Winter, especially if your bathroom doesn’t have any heating vents. That’s why keeping your bathroom basin warm as well as your bathroom during Winter has become as important as waterproofing floors and painting the walls. Here’s how to keep your bathroom warm and cozy despite the harsh weather conditions.

  • Get a heated towel rail

A good way to keep your bathroom warm is to install a heated towel rail. It will not only warm up your towels but also the air in the room. This is an investment that pays off in terms of increased comfort and lower energy costs every year during winter. They provide additional heating for your bathroom during cold weather conditions by circulating hot water through their pipes.

A great bathroom accessory, the heated towel rail, is installed near the bathroom sink or shower so you can easily reach it with a wet hand after taking a bath or shower. If you want to make it even more convenient to use, you can attach it right next to the bathtub. Dry towels make taking a shower more pleasant and help you save time because you don’t need to hang them up to dry. You can install a heated towel rail in any bathroom, regardless of its size and layout. Choose a suitable model that will match your needs and personal preferences.

Most modern heated towel rails are made of stainless steel or another durable material. They are resistant to rust and corrosion and have an attractive appearance. You can choose from many different styles, colors, designs, shapes and sizes. 

  • Use a rubber bath mat for your shower

While it’s easy to use or keep a bath mat on the floor outside your shower or freestanding bath, doing so in the shower itself often proves tricky. However, if you install a rubber bath mat in the shower, you can avoid slipping and also prevent the floor from getting too cold.

  • Use double glazed bathroom windows

Double glazed windows do an excellent job of maintaining indoor temperatures and minimizing heat losses during cold weather conditions. Even if you choose to leave the window open in your bathroom for ventilation purposes, heat loss will be minimal with double glazed windows.

  • Use a heater in the bathroom 

Heating the bathroom can be done by heating the air, and/or by heating the surfaces. Air heating includes the forced ventilation system, which will extract air from the bathroom when it is being used, and replace it with fresh warm air from other parts of the house. This allows you to heat just the bathroom for short periods of time. It is also very effective at removing steam from showers and baths.

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