How to clean and maintain your windows

Knowing how to clean and maintain your windows and doors is key to ensuring that they are in top functional, aesthetic, and durable conditions. You can increase the life expectancy of your windows and doors by taking good care of them. Caring for your replacement windows will not take much of your time but the results are worth your effort. Read this guide for tips for maintaining your replacement windows.

1. Monthly Cleaning

Due to their exposure to extreme weather outdoors, your windows are more susceptible to accumulating dirt and grime that can make them look dull and dirty. Plan to clean your windows monthly to remove dirt and grime and make them look their best regardless of their age. Clean your windows in and out, starting with the dirtiest parts.

Regular cleaning of your windows can also let you see cracks early and schedule a replacement or caulk the cracked parts if small. However, avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives to clean your windows. Remember to clean the window frames along with the glass.

2. Painting

Another tip to maintain your replacement windows is by painting the windows, especially if they are older wood style. Paint the frames yearly to improve their look and protect them against moisture and insect infestation.

Meanwhile, you should inspect the wooden frames for signs of damage to come up with the right solution to protect them. Water-based paints can reduce the chances of peeling. You can also caulk cracks and holes on the frame to strengthen the windows and the frames.

3. Weatherstripping

It is possible for the seals on your windows to be damaged or worn out over time due to extreme weather which causes frequent expansions and contractions. Without the seals, the windows will no longer have energy efficiency and this will affect the entire home negatively. To keep your replacement windows in good condition, invest in weatherstripping to prevent air infiltration. Weatherstrip the windows to improve their energy efficiency and make them last longer.

4. Lubrication

Windows and doors need proper lubrication to operate effortlessly. Lubricating your windows and doors will enhance their performance and make them work smoothly. Check the manufacturer’s recommendation for the right type of lubricants to use. Meanwhile, do not use silicone spray to lubricate any moving parts of your windows and doors.


The tips above explain how to clean and maintain your windows and doors and keep them in the best working conditions. The time spent caring for your windows and doors will pay off with extended life expectancy, improved aesthetics, energy efficiency, and increased value to your property.

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