How do you modernize Shaker Cabinets ?

How can you modernize shaker cabinets? You can change the appearance of these traditional cabinets in many different ways, but it is possible to make them look new again. Here are some ideas to redesign your kitchen cabinets. You can make your cabinetry look modern and fresh in just a few hours. These are some inexpensive and easy ways to update your kitchen cabinets.

Paint your Shaker cabinets a bold, modern color to update them. Bright colors such as red, yellow, and blue work well. You can also use neutral shades. If you prefer a modern look, paint your cabinets in a deep or dark shade. White cabinets can make your kitchen appear larger than it actually is. You can also choose a paint color to complement your kitchen’s decor if you want to change the look of your kitchen cabinet refacing pasadena.

You can keep the traditional design of your cabinets by choosing a different finish. The tops of Shaker cabinets will not be moulded if they extend beyond the ceiling. You might consider custom-made Shaker cabinet to keep the look fresh. These kitchen cabinet refacing fullerton can be more costly. Additionally, dust and grime can collect between the cabinet and ceiling, making it more difficult to maintain.

To increase your cabinets’ storage capacity, you can add pullout shelves. This will increase the vertical space in your kitchen by three to six inches. To store small appliances or other items you don’t use often, you can install upper shelves. Lazy Susans can be purchased to match your existing corner cabinets. After you’ve chosen the layout, be sure to consider the accessories and details.

For Shaker cabinets, you can also make new doors. To complete the look, you can add wood trim. You can buy them at HD if you don’t already have one. To get the right size, measure the width of the cabinet doors. Two coats of polyurethane paint can be applied to them. Then you can refinish them. You have the option to choose your hardware or purchase a kit at a low price.

You can update Shaker-style cabinets by adding new hardware. You can choose from a variety of designs, including whimsical and utilitarian. You can choose from antique-inspired designs or a metallic finish. You can also complement your hardware with lighting fixtures. To provide complete functionality, you can also install under-cabinet lights. Reclaimed wood pieces can be used as drawer fronts and cabinet doors.

You can also use wicker cane to cover the middle of your cabinets if you don’t feel brave enough to make a new one. This will instantly give your kitchen texture and color. Before you can use the wicker toe, soak it in water for at least 24 hours. It will shrink once it is dry and then become smooth. You can test it on a few cabinets to see if the effect is there. It will amaze you how beautiful it looks and how much it makes a big difference.

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