Home Improvement Projects That Can Also Benefit Your Health

Your house is your safe haven. Did you realize that our homes have a significant impact on our overall health and happiness? Many elements can have an impact on one’s health and well-being, from the mattress one sleeps on to the air one breathes within.

While improving the beauty and value of your home might be beneficial, it can also improve your quality of life. The best news is that these modifications don’t have to be expensive; even the smallest changes can improve your health. Continue reading to see how these home improvement tasks can help you make your home a healthier place to live.

Let In More Natural Light

Natural light not only looks lovely, but it also has a number of health benefits, such as enhanced vitamin D levels, improved sleep, increased productivity, and lower stress. Getting more natural light can help you re-establish your circadian rhythm. It may even aid in the prevention of seasonal depression.

Taking down heavy drapes is a simple method to let more light into your home. To lighten up the space, repaint the walls with a lighter hue. If your budget allows, you can also increase natural light by installing skylights or extra windows throughout the house.

Switch Your Mattress

Did you realize that mattresses become filthy with time? Dander, dust, skin cells, and other airborne particles can be detected inside your mattress, which may seem disgusting. Furthermore, many traditional beds include VOCs such as flame retardants and benzene. As you sleep, these compounds might be taken into your body.

You can reduce your exposure to these pollutants by using a mattress cover. You can also get a new mattress that is chemical-free certified. Wool, cotton, and latex are common ingredients in organic mattresses.

Add More Greenery

Putting a snake plant in the corner of your living room is both a health hack and a statement of style. Indoor plants, in fact, have been demonstrated in tests to improve mood, focus, and stress levels. Having plants in your home might make you feel more calm, happy, and relaxed. Furthermore, some houseplants help to filter the air by removing pollutants from furnishings, paint, carpet, cleaning agents, and pesticides. Ficuses, peace lilies, aloe vera, bamboo palms, and English ivy are among these plants.

Plants can be hung from the ceiling, displayed on wall-mounted shelves, or placed on your desk in the home office. Growing fresh herbs in your kitchen is another great method to harness the power of plants. To get more micronutrients in your diet, use them in your cookery.

Filter Your Indoor Air

While plants assist to purify the air within your home, you may take it a step further. By reducing odors, chemical vapors, and other contaminants, a whole-house air purifier can improve the air quality in your home. If you’re on a tight budget, a modest air purifier will suffice. To avoid costly issues, replace your furnace filter on a regular basis and schedule HVAC tune-ups.

Paint With Non-Toxic Paint

One of the simplest ways to refresh a room is to use paint. However, did you realize that many modern paints contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs)? These harmful compounds are normally released as the paint dries, but some can linger for years, posing a risk to your family’s health.

Avoid paints that contain high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as formaldehyde, benzene, and acetone, among others. Many low-VOC or no-VOC eco-friendly paints are available on the market.

Purify Your Tap Water

Have you ever considered the quality of your home’s water supply? Cooking, showering, cleaning, and doing laundry all require clean water. Unfiltered tap water may contain toxins such as chlorine, nitrates, and lead, depending on where you live and where your water originates from.

Installing a whole-house water filtration system, on the other hand, is an excellent approach to eliminate undesired contaminants from your water supply. You can also enjoy better-tasting water, as well as healthier skin and hair, thanks to this system.

The space where you and your family spend the most time should be clean and safe. Making these home improvements to improve your and your loved ones’ health is worth the expenditure, whether it’s a simple adjustment like adding a few plants or a big one like replacing all your windows.

AUTHOR BIO:- Joseph O’Keefe is the owner of Revolution Energy Systems. He began installing solar panels in 2011 on the East Coast. He is well-experienced in residential and commercial solar construction as well as servicing of the systems. O’Keefe is an Illinois and Wisconsin state licensed electrician and has been NABCEP certified since 2012.

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