Handy Looks at Room Decorating Tips for Your Children’s Room


According to Handy, it’s a challenge to decorate a kid’s room since it must allow your child to explore their inner creativity and imagination and should be functional as well. The room should be a place of comfort, a place for studying, and a playroom all combined together to make the room feel special to them.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips you can follow to decorate your children’s room:

  1. Add some colorful zest – A kid’s room should be colorful and upbeat. However, don’t make the mistake of painting the entire room in their favorite pink or other bright colors since their taste in colors can change drastically when they grow up. It’s better to paint the room in a neutral color scheme that acts as a backdrop for other colorful decorative artworks, items, or objects that can be changed easily over the years.

If they don’t agree, you can paint one wall in a combination of their favorite pastel shades and mix it up with other items such as wall panels, rugs, bedspreads, and more.

  1. Experiment with the graphics – One of the best ways to transform a kid’s room is to decorate it with their favorite graphics whether it be decals or wallpapers with their favorite cartoon characters, real-life or comic icons, animals, or motifs. We recommend you use framed posters since it would allow you to easily add multiple artworks and replace them when they grow up and change their interests.
  1. Add smart shelving and storage – A kid’s room is bound to get clutter with their favorite toys, games, dresses, and more. And the only way to combat the mess and keep the room well-organized is to add plenty of storage options.

Thus, you must ensure you add plenty of storage space in your kid’s room by incorporating smart shelving choices such as open shelves, colorful baskets, moveable storage carts, furniture with built-in storage, under-the-bed storage crates that would allow them to store their clothes and toys, wall-hugging hooks rails, and more.

  1. Separate the work and play zones – It is essential to separate the kid’s room space and designate the areas for play and work to limit clutter and disorganization. For instance, the space for studying should be decorated in a neutral theme and color to allow them to focus better. It should contain a study table and should be near the window and receive plenty of air and natural light.

The play area can be made brighter and more colorful with stuffed animals, their favorite games, toys, creative art, puzzle projects, and more. The area should also be kid-friendly and have no sharp objects or accessories that can accidentally hurt them while playing.


Handy suggests you leave some room for upgrading the decor of the kid’s room since it is likely that they would want to upgrade the space frequently as they grow up. Thus, leave some space for adding extra storage or accessories. Also, ensure you discuss their preferences when changing or improving the decor of the room or adding more items.

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