Glass Clown Figurines.

Murano Glass is a worldwide known trademark that translates into authentic and spectacular Made in Italy valuable products. Murano is an island located inside Venice’s lagoon scenery which is considered the center of glass-processing factories in Italy. Following secular traditions from the late 1000s while trying to renew their artistry, Murano Glass Masters create incredible craftworks mainly inspired by Venetian Culture.

A recurring theme for example is the famous Venice Carnival, where people love to take on different personas and transform themselves in the eyes of the public. From colorful Venetian Masks to extravagant costumes, Venice Carnival is a staple in the expression of Italian Culture abroad. Among these characters, clowns became a great source of inspiration to artisans and designers working in Murano since long time ago. And today, this kind of concept is being renewed and transformed to please every home décor style and liking.

Funny shapes and extra color give these Murano Glass Clown Sculptures the power to change the atmosphere of any room while impressing guests or your dear ones with their authentic glass-made details. Murano’s blown glass technique is in fact the key to achieving this kind of artwork. Take a look at their sinuous lines and rounded-up corners, making them as fluid as water. This processing contrasts with their vibrant color shades that give the sculptures extra uniqueness and fun. Murano Glass Sculptures are also genuinely one-of-a-kind collectible items. Describes as poetry in motion, witnessing how they are truly made will make you set them apart in their artistry and craftsmanship. Everybody knows how much fun clowns bring, so how about trying to rejuvenate and lighten the mood of your favorite space? In this spirit, skilled glassmakers have begun manufacturing Murano glass clowns, a beautiful addition that would provide happiness and brightness to any home or workplace environment.

Try displaying one or more of them to add an unusual splash of color to your home décor and to greet your guests cheerfully. The spectacular blend of hues generated by these incomparable Murano glass sculptures will astound anybody and leave all your visitors stunned! They are one-of-a-kind glass masterpieces, no one will be able to replicate your individual home design style. Shop our Clown Figurines at Yourmurano through our extensive catalog and let us know the one that makes you laugh the most!

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