Five Garden Features That Will Help You To Enjoy Winter

Having a garden is a wonderful experience. In addition to bringing nature to a living space, it also improves property value and allows residents access to a private outdoor space. While they are generally considered to be an overall positive asset to a property, promising the maintenance isn’t too challenging, there is the issue of winter.

The colder months generally deter residents from enjoying their garden spaces and, as a result, the investment they made on the property sees less return. There are, however, ways in which a garden can be enjoyed during winter, and even without residents being outside. To show you how, we’re sharing five garden features that will help residents to enjoy their winter and make more year-round use of their outdoor space.

Robot Mower

The upkeep of a lawn can be troublesome during winter. Being less inclined to step outdoors in the cold and rain is a challenge, let alone to spend time cutting grass. However, it is a necessary job because, if neglected, homeowners will find themselves with overgrowth at the beginning of springtime.

Thankfully, there are now robot mowers. These compact, self-navigating devices discreetly maintain a lawn or garden on behalf of a home, charging themselves at the end of each day, so that homeowners need not worry about their grass, even during winter.

Summer Houses

It may seem unconventional to consider summer houses an asset to the winter but it’s true. With considered design, summer houses can easily become a wonderful space for residents to enjoy even during the winter. Some homeowners will use their space to create a reading nook, one that allows for snug evenings in the garden as it rains upon the roof, whereas others will use them as a guest house for visitors who might need a place to stay during the holiday season.

Heat Lamps

For those with a dining or relaxation area outdoors, heat lamps are a game changer. The warmth they emit is enough to ensure a number of individuals stay cosy, even during a particularly cool evening. They are easy to install, simple to use, and can encourage residents to enjoy their outdoor space even as the temperatures drop.


There are a number of reasons why hedges are beneficial to a garden space, and they bring benefits to the local ecology as well as the homeowner. However, during winter, these natural barriers serve a great purpose, acting as a wind barrier and protecting a garden from succumbing to bluster. For those with garden furniture and plant pots, these beautiful green hedges can be a huge support.


Those that grow their own vegetables, fruits, and herbs will know all too well the difficulty of winter, generally planting fewer vegetables than they might during other seasons. However, with a greenhouse or mini-greenhouse, the growing doesn’t have to be curtailed. In fact, with a small heat or even a candle, greenhouses can keep a grower happy all year long.

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