Essential Things To Consider When Choosing A Plumbing Contractor

Plumbing is an integral part of every residential or commercial building, hence the need to ensure that the right contractor gets hired for the service. There are several plumbing service providers in the industry; hence one may get spoilt for choice on the right contractor to use. It, therefore, becomes necessary to look at several factors before settling on a contractor to work with. Flatley’s Plumbing Express is a family-owned and operated plumbing service company that provides various plumbing services. Some of the services include plumbing repair, sewer repair, winterization, water heater repair, and sump pump battery repair.

The plumbing company operates in the Southwestern, Southern and Western Suburbs of Chicago, ensuring that their clients have an excellent plumbing system. Plumbing requires the services of an expert since poor plumbing installation and repair poses a significant threat to the building structure and the dwellers. Also, it requires specialized equipment to successfully determine and correct the problem without causing a lot of damage to the building and the surrounding. For a successful plumbing system installation, repair and maintenance, some of the things to consider when choosing a plumbing contractor include:


Experience is vital since it shows the number of years one has been in operations which directly impacts their skills. The plumbing services company has been in operations since 1960, and they’ve been able to serve multiple clients. The many years of service have exposed them to several unique client plumbing needs and challenges that they’ve dealt with effectively to achieve customer satisfaction. The contractor experience also enables them to give the best advice and service delivery that guarantees durability, minimizing several repair and maintenance requirements.

Products and Service Quality

Plumbing requires top quality products to achieve the plumbing system’s objective. Fewer quality products have a short life span with the potential of doing more harm than good to the property itself and the dwellers. The plumbing services professionals use the best quality materials in the industry, providing clients with an excellent plumbing experience. The quality service provided enables clients to enjoy a well-functioning plumbing system that enables them to run their residential and commercial responsibilities with ease. Additionally, they get to live stress-free, knowing that their plumbing system is effective.


Plumbing systems sometimes encounter emergencies requiring quick service before the problem grows to uncontrollable levels. Having an available plumbing contractor with a quick response time enables individuals to get their emergency problems sorted within the shortest time possible. The plumbing services have an unmatched availability within their service areas, and it has enabled them to get excellent reviews on the services they provide. All a client gets required to do is to get in touch with the company, and within a short time, the professionals get there to offer the required service within the shortest turnaround time. Also, the services get provided with complete respect to client spaces ensuring that no dirt spills unnecessary and makes the workplace messy.

Good customer service

Customer needs should get met completely to ensure that customer satisfaction and retention are achieved. Different clients have different plumbing needs hence the need to listen to each client keenly and provide them with the necessary service they deserve to ensure they get value for their money. The plumbing services professionals, being a family-owned and operated company, put a personal touch on all the services they get contracted. Every project receives its special handling, which has enabled the professionals to leave smiles on the faces of every client they serve. Additionally, the clients get involved throughout the project execution through an open communication channel, facilitating the proper execution of every detail that the client requires. Good customer service includes warranties on the products and services, which guarantees continued assistance even after the project gets completed. The warranties make the maintenance and repair services provided by the plumbing professionals run smoothly with no hiccups. Also, they assure the client of the quality of products and services provided.

Service affordability

Affordability of plumbing service is one of the essential things to consider when choosing a plumbing contractor. Most plumbing services contractors provide a free estimate on the services required by the clients to inform them of the financial requirements before the service begins. The estimate is provided during the consultation service, where the client and the contractor discuss the client’s needs and the best ways to execute the project. Also, the estimate comes with no obligations on the client and prevents the occurrence of financial constraints once the project kicks off. Also, some contractors provide offers and coupons on various services to ease the financial burden on the client further. The prices also get fairly charged in line with the current market rates without unnecessarily imposing high charges on the client.

The credibility of the contractor

Given that several plumbing contractors are in the industry, it is necessary to ensure that only credible ones get contracted. One way to ascertain credibility is to check whether the companies are licensed or insured as required by the state. If the company has any rewards or recognition for the services it provides, they also go a long way to determine its credibility. Flatley’s Plumbing Express has the necessary licenses in compliance with the legal requirements; hence clients get assured of receiving a service they can trust. The professionals operate to ensure that their clients receive the best service that solves their plumbing needs, which has enabled them to win the trust of my clients within their area of operations. Additionally, when clients trust the business, they get comfortable seeking more services and refer their friends and families with similar problems, thus enabling the business to grow.

Service turnaround time

Service turnaround time is the time taken by the contractors to complete the required service and enable the client to enjoy them. A short turnaround time makes a contractor preferable without compromising the quality of products and services provided. The quick availability enables the plumbing professionals to serve clients quickly.

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