Having an outdoor space such as a patio makes even the most humble home liveable. This is true, especially for a patio with a roof. People like to spend time on a patio enjoying the outdoor weather, watching the sunset, or even relaxing after a long day. They provide that extra space for family gatherings, entertainment, playing, among other activities.

Did you know that there are cheap ways to enclose your patio? Besides, your options are open if you have a patio with a roof, especially when you want to enjoy more privacy and comfort. Here are different ways to cheaply enclose your patio.

Outdoor patio shades

If privacy is the primary reason you want to enclose your patio, outdoor patio shades are an excellent option. They could be made from bamboo to blend with the outdoor environment and provide that extra aesthetic appeal. You can mount the shades side by side along the top of the open sides of the patio so that when you extend them, they cover the sides of the patio, providing privacy. It would be best to keep the shades up during the extreme weather to maintain them and extend them when you need to block the sun or a private area to relax.

Install an artificial green private fence

Installing an artificial green private fence is another cheap way of enclosing your patio. The best thing about this type of patio enclosure is that the fence features the look of green plants that give you a relaxed mood when enjoying your deck. Plus, you won’t go through the hassle of taking care of climbing plants. But if you love gardening, the next tip is for you.

Grow evergreen plants

You can plant evergreen plants around your porch to enclose it, especially the climbing plants. It is one of the easiest methods that also leaves you with fresh air around your patio. You should attach a netting from the top of the deck to the bottom. Then make a trench around the patio, and plant the evergreens. They may take time to grow tall to enclose the patio, but they give you a soothing view once they are up in place.

Install wooden screens

Wooden screens can help you enclose your patio for more privacy and even keep the bugs away. They range from 30-36inches wide, and you can fix them on your deck with eye hook latches for easy removal. You can also use aluminum screens, depending on your style.

Glass storm doors

Another way to enclose your patio while maintaining its outdoor feel is to install glass storm doors. Note that custom windows do not come cheap, but you can get salvaged storm doors for less than half the price of custom windows. You need to construct open frames into sections of the right width and length for your storm doors. You can even tape off the glass and use spray paint to match the frames of the doors.

The final words

Enclosing your patio makes for a more comfortable setting where you and your guests are protected from the extreme weather elements and bugs, and you also get to enjoy more privacy.

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