Can Locksmiths Make a Key for a Lock Without a Key?


Something terrible has happened. You’re locked out, you’ve lost your key, and you don’t have a spare key lying around. You might be thinking you need to smash a window or break your way into your home or car some other way. Luckily, your local locksmith can save the day. A qualified and skilled locksmith can make you a key for a lock without the original key to get you back inside. Best of all, the locksmith can do it all for you right there on the spot!

A locksmith can help you out in two ways. Firstly, they can get back to where you are needing to go – and without you needing to damage or break anything to get back in. Secondly, they can make you a new key for your lock, even when you don’t have the original key.

There are two common ways a locksmith can make you a brand new key for a lock, even without having the original key.

You just need to crack the code

The first and easiest way for a locksmith to make a new key from a lock is to use the lock’s code. Every lock has a special code specific to that lock. The information from the lock’s code tells the locksmith the number, location, and length of the pins in the lock. This lock code is only decipherable by a certified locksmith with either a specific codebook or specialised software. The code explains the locking mechanism of the specific lock and therefore tells the locksmith what shape the key needs to be. With this information, the locksmith can easily make a new key for your lock.

Sometimes the lock code can be printed on the lock itself. Other times it is printed on the key. If the code is printed on the key (which has unfortunately been lost), then the locksmith may need to disassemble the lock to crack the code. After disassembling the lock, the locksmith will be able to see how many pins the lock has, its length, and its position. With this information, the locksmith will be able to make a new key for the lock, even without the original copy.

Making a good impression

If the lock’s code can’t be found easily, an alternative solution to disassembling the lock is to make an impression on a blank key. In this situation, the locksmith will start with a blank key and insert it into the lock and try to turn the key. The pins of the lock will press against the key blank and make small impressions. From these impressions, the locksmith will be able to tell what cuts they need to make onto the blank.

Making a key from an impression will require the process to be repeated multiple times to make sure the correct cuts are made. When making a key from an impression, the perfect key can sometimes take a handful of attempts.

There is no need to panic! If you lose your keys, professional locksmiths can help make one for you if changing locks is not an option. Always make sure to seek help from a reputable locksmith in your area to get your key and lock problems fixed!


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