Bharat Bhise Shares the Benefits of Flexibility


According to Bharat Bhise, poor body flexibility can lead to numerous issues such as bad body posture, inadequate range of motion, body pain, and more. Fortunately, it is possible to improve the flexibility of your body with proper training. However, it is essential to do these exercises under the supervision of a proper trainer or coach so that you don’t accidentally hurt yourself.

The Benefits
Here are a few benefits of good body flexibility:

  1. It leads to increased strength – It is important for your muscles to contract properly if you want to exert your full strength. Flexibility enables a greater range of motion which makes it possible for your muscles to contract optimally when under load. As a result, it helps to improve your strength.

However, when you are doing any kind of strength training or lifting load, it can be difficult to exert your strength properly or exert your full strength if you have low or limited flexibility.

  1. It helps to improve your mobility – It is much more difficult to move your limbs through any possible range of motion if your muscles are not flexible. Thus, good flexibility leads to improved mobility since it is comfortable to move your joints through any range of motion when you are flexible.

Although being flexible is not always better, it is always beneficial to improve your mobility. Good mobility would make it easier to perform exercises, HIIT training, or even go on hiking tours. In fact, it also makes physical activity more enjoyable.

  1. It can reduce the risk of injuries – Flexibility helps with proper muscle activation and smooth movement of the joint through the correct sequence of functional range of motion. As a result, it reduces the risk of accidentally causing injury or strain to your muscles while performing physically demanding tasks.

In fact, if you suffer from lower back pain, improving your flexibility can help you ease it by relieving the pressure on the latissimus dorsi muscles on the back and the erector spinae. Although, it is recommended that you work with a physical therapist to learn the proper stretches and do them properly under supervision.

  1. It helps to improve your physical performance – It is essential for you to maintain good flexibility if you participate in any kind of sports or are involved in physically demanding tasks. Greater flexibility leads to improved muscle control and stability, a better range of motion, a reduced risk of causing muscle injury, and allows you to exert your full strength on each physically demanding task.

Thus, it boosts your athletic as well as physical performance. The level of flexibility suitable for your body will depend on the everyday task you are involved with.


Bharat Bhise suggests you do flexibility exercises 4 times a week for 10-20 minutes per session in order to improve your body flexibility. Ensure you have properly warmed up your body to reduce any chance of injury, especially if you have a chronic injury or condition.

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