Aesthetic Pooja Room Door Design

Even though the pooja room is not one of the busiest rooms in the house, you must pay attention to it. Most people just focus on the storage and functionality of the space. Although they are important, you must create an aesthetically appealing pooja design as well. A well-designed pooja room attracts more positive energy to your home.

There are many ways of designing the pooja room. One of the first things that require your attention is the pooja room door. It not only impacts the look from the inside but also the exterior. Therefore, the pooja room door design will affect the rest of the home interior design. In case you are not sure about the door you should choose for your pooja room, here are a few options you can consider:

01 of 06 Traditional wooden door featuring intricate work

When choosing a door for your puja room, you can never go wrong with a traditional wooden door. These doors have a very elegant and sophisticated look. Moreover, wood has a rich and welcoming feel that makes your pooja room more inviting. Wood is also a Vastu-compliant material. Therefore, a wooden door will attract more positive energy to your home.

Instead of a regular wooden door, you can choose wooden doors featuring intricate woodwork. They have a very elegant and luxurious appeal. You can get many different types of ornate wooden doors as well. A few popular ideas include pooja room doors featuring leaves with veins or the swastika signs, or ‘om’. You can either buy these doors from stores or hire a carpenter to create a skillful customised door for you.

02 of 06 Wooden door featuring huge metal carving

As mentioned earlier, wooden doors are great for your pooja room. However, you can get a stylish version of this pooja room door design as well. Many wooden pooja room doors come with huge metal carvings. These metal carvings add more visual interest to the door and accentuate your home’s interior design. You can get a wooden door with huge metal carvings if you want to give the space a traditional appeal. However, you must remember that these doors will cost more and you should only do with one if you have the budget.

03 of 06 Wooden doors with glass inserts

You get many variations of wooden doors. One of the popular options is wooden doors with glass inserts. People love this option because it has the best of both worlds. You can use it in a traditional home design and a modern home design. The best option would be a teakwood door with glass panels. You can choose completely transparent glass panels for the door if you want to take a peek into the pooja room without opening the door at times. Otherwise, translucent glass is available so that you can add privacy to your puja room design. Colourful glass is acceptable as well.

04 of 06 Modern glass doors with wooden frames

Some people like to keep the pooja room visible from the rest of the house. Therefore, a glass door is more appropriate. It will allow you to see through when you are near your pooja room. However, your puja room design will not appear as a part of the room or hall. The glass door will act as a barrier and separate it from the rest of the space. Consider choosing a wooden frame with it. The fusion of glass and wood will give your pooja room door design an edgy look. It will make your pooja room visually more appealing. Also, a touch of wood is always better as it is a Vastu-compliant material.

05 of 06 A door with stained-glass motifs

You can create a very elegant look by choosing a door featuring frosted or stained glass. These doors come with glass panels featuring artwork. Artworks of gods and goddesses are very popular on these doors. You can opt for doors featuring pooja accessories, like lotus, kalash, diya, bells, etc. It partially allows light to pass and creates a beautiful diffused glow that will help to create a calming and soothing atmosphere in the pooja room. You can opt for painted panels for a colourful appearance.

06 of 06 Door with bells

A common thing you will find in all temples is bells. It is a symbol of divinity and gives your pooja room a more spiritual effect. There are many different ways you can add a bell to your pooja room interiors. An easy way to do it is by choosing a door that features small bells all over it. The tiny brass bells will ring every time you close and open the door. Therefore, the pooja room door will give your pooja room a more temple-like feel.

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