A Beginner’s Guide to Building Maintenance

If you are new to home ownership, building maintenance is an integral aspects of home management, and with the harsh British climate we endure, there are many things that can go wrong with your home. Here is a brief guide to building maintenance to give you some idea of what is involved.

  • The Roof – One issue with the roof is that most of it is not visible from any ground location, therefore regular roof inspections are advised. Missing roof tiles are a common occurrence and if they are not replaced promptly, this could result in water entering the internal roof structure. If you would like to have your roof inspected, there are experienced building services in Mirfield who would be happy to oblige.

  • Plumbing – The plumbing is a complex network of pipes and very often, there can be issues with the plumbing. A burst water pipe, especially in the freezing water, leaking taps and blocked drains are all a possibility, so keep the number of an emergency plumber in your smartphone memory, just in case.

  • Damp – This is public enemy number one for British homeowners, especially with older properties, and if you even suspect you have damp in your home, don’t hesitate to call in your local builder, as the sooner it is dealt with, the better.

  • Timber – Most properties have timber and this should be protected with primer and paint, as the harsh weather can seriously damage anything made from wood.

If you ask your local builder to carry out a thorough inspection every year, you will have no nasty surprises regarding repairs.

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