5 Plumbing Problems You Should Never Try to DIY

Some home plumbing problems are extremely easy to fix, while others are more complex than you may realize. Trying to DIY, especially in plumbing or electrical work may cause more damage than you think which means more money from your wallet. Below are some of the plumbing problems you should never think of fixing on your own. Instead, think of contacting a Ventura plumber, and you’ll save a lot of time and money.

Damaged or Clogged Sewer Lines

Sewage pipes are the most complicated home fix. Trying to remove what is causing your sewer line to clog, like wipes, much toilet tissue, or items such as hair, using your hands could be unsuccessful. The use of chemicals is promising, but they dissolve your pipes. Plungers too can do more harm if you don’t use them carefully.

Leaking Pipes

Fixing leaking pipes may seem like the simplest home fix, but it could mean a lot, especially if you don’t have the necessary knowledge. If you are planning to DIY, don’t even attempt. You may follow YouTube videos, but the root of the problem may not be the same. Sometimes the problem might be far down the pipes, which can be inaccessible to a person trying to DIY. If you try to reach it, you may end up damaging the piping system hence floods in the room.

Rerouting Pipes

Planning to remodel your piping system or even extend the water line yourself?

Just don’t. Instead, call a licensed professional handyman. Rerouting is way much impossible for you to do it yourself, and it may be disappointing if it’s unsuccessful. It can mean a lot of changes that need a lot of knowledge to seal off the piping system completely to never burst in the future. A pro will see if the modification meets the government rules and regulations and if it meets the plumbing standards. If not, they will advise you according to your goals.

Installing New Plumbing Appliances

Thinking of appliances that use hot water like a water heater, dishwasher, clothes washer, and more, do not install them yourself. You may think DIY will save some time and money before the pro arrives but just don’t. This is because it can be more dangerous, and a single mistake can damage the machine. A certified plumber will know the electricity voltage to deal with in each appliance, and keep the plumbing codes throughout the installation process.

Unpleasant Smells

A foul odor coming from drains and vents is another problem that may lie deeper than what you think it is. Mostly it is caused by bacteria feeding inside your pipes which forms from those substances that cling into the sides. Some bad smells may also come from blocked sewage. Both ways, you need to take apart the affected pipes for cleaning, and this will be pretty difficult if you don’t know how to clean out safely without damaging the pipes. You will need protective gear, specialist equipment, and knowledge of how this is done.

Take Away

The DIY route in plumbing issues is understandable and saves you a lot of time and money for hiring a plumber. However, at the same time, you have to consider the risk to your health and more damages that can come out of it. For major plumbing works in and around your home, trust a plumber who will do it right and fast.

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