5 Furnace Problems That Can Leave You In The Cold

If you want to combat cold in your home and make it as warm as possible, a reliable furnace is what you need. However, the furnace must be kept in the best working condition to ensure optimal performance and dependability when it matters. With preventative maintenance and furnace repair when it develops some faults, the furnace will keep performing and keeping the home warm.

However, certain furnace problems can leave you in the cold. Here are some of the furnace problems you should know:

1. Frozen Pipes and Coils

Extremely low temperatures can force the water in the recoils and pipes to freeze. the effects of frozen pipes or coils range from blowing cold air into the home to pipes bursting, leading to more problems. Furnace repair focusing on burst pipes and coils can be time-consuming and very expensive. To prevent pipes from bursting during the cold, they should be appropriately insulated by Bay Area insulation experts.

2. Faulty Thermostat

The primary function of a thermostat is to regulate the heating system of the furnace. When the thermostat becomes faulty or is malfunctioning, you will unavoidably be left in the cold. Contact an experienced HVAC expert to recalibrate or replace the faulty thermostat to ensure that your home is kept warm during the cold.

3. Damage Pilot Light

A pilot light is required to properly ignite furnaces that use oil or propane. If the pilot light does not work, the furnace will not start. The pilot light’s failure to work may be caused by a dirty or damaged flame sensor. When this happens, contact an HVAC expert to clean or replace the sensor and the furnace will be able to run efficiently again.

4. Tripped Circuit

This might not be a serious problem but can cause the furnace to stop working. When the circuit breaker trips, the furnace will not have electricity to switch on. Until the circuit breaker is reset, there will be no power to the appliance. Meanwhile, an HVAC expert should be hired to examine the furnace to identify what caused the circuit breaker to trip and carry out an extensive furnace repair.

5. Blocked or Dirty Filters

Filters are crucial to the functionality and performance of furnaces. Blocked and dirty filters will certainly affect the performance of your furnace by affecting the airflow and optimal performance of the furnace. The furnace may be forced to stop working abruptly when the filters are clogged.


Ensure to carry out preventative maintenance before the cold weather sets in and hire an expert for your furnace repair. This will help keep your furnace in the best working condition.

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