4 trends in home design to watch out for in 2022

Home design trends change throughout time, just like everything else. Every year, Pinterest publishes its Pinterest Predicts report, which lists the top trends for the following 12 months. This year, we made the decision to focus specifically on home design trends. In light of this, here are the top five interior design concepts that will likely gain traction in 2022. To find out which ones you like, keep reading.
Here are five trends in house design to look out for in this year.

1. Endless opulence
The focus of this style is adding opulent touches to unexpected spaces in your home such as your handicap showers. This year, the emphasis is on adding luxury to your laundry room, children’s bedrooms, and even your garage storage, as opposed to concentrating on a sumptuous bathroom or master suite.
The social networking platform advises focusing on adding opulent accents that won’t break the wallet in order to adopt this style into your home. This can entail making purchases of goods like fragrant soaps, textured wallpaper, or light switch dimmers.

2. Attractive curves
For a while, neat edges and straight lines embodied refinement and style. But now it appears that things have literally turned around. According to the data, arches and curves are the newest home design trends.
According to the data, searches for “round pool deck ideas” have increased by 170% in the past year. The term “curved bar ideas” also saw a 140% increase. The website suggests using furniture to include this trend in this scenario. If you want your design to be as contemporary as possible, curved sofas and circular bedside tables appear to be the way to go.

3. Biophilic design
Having indoor plants is one thing, but planning your decor around your collection of plants is quite another. Even so, Millennials are investigating plant-forward design approaches. Their ultimate objective is to strengthen their bond with nature and to improve their general welfare.
Both “biophilic architecture” and “biophilic bedroom design” searches have increased by 100% and 150%, respectively. Particularly, searches for “floral ceilings” and “staircase gardens” increased year over year. Vertical wall gardens or hanging ferns, on the other hand, may be a decent middle-of-the-road choice if you’re not willing to go that far.

4. Hellenistic resurgence
The next fashion fad is drawing design cues from classical Greece. All generations appear to be gravitating toward Hellenistic design, but Pinterest users from Generation Z appear to be setting the trend. Everything from a blue, gold, and white color scheme to Corinthian columns can be incorporated into this design in this situation.
According to the data, searches for “old Greek aesthetic” had increased by 65%. The more specific search term “Aphrodite aesthetic wallpaper” has increased by a staggering 180%. Additionally, the volume of searches for “Greek statue art” has tripled over the past 12 months. Bathrooms with aphrodite-inspired decor or Grecian art are good options for homeowners wishing to adopt this style.

The final word on these 2022 house design trends
While it’s impossible to predict which home design fad will take off in the upcoming year, Pinterest has a history of being rather reliable. In light of this, don’t be shocked if you notice that these trends start to gain popularity over the year.

Nevertheless, if you choose to incorporate these trends into your own house, don’t be afraid to add your own flair. After all, your home is what you chose to make of it. Imagination is always a buddy of innovation.

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