4 Neutral Paint Colours for Your Space to Try in 2022 

Who doesn’t want to paint their homes in timeless and chic colours? What screams more elegant and evergreen than the subdued, neutral colours? Neutral colours instantly make your space look put together and stylish. It’s all about paying attention to details when it comes to choosing a muted colour for your space. You must choose the right shade and the right undertone while picking a neutral hue for your space

Afraid that neutral colours will make your space look dull? Read along to discover 4 stunning and refreshing neutral paints for your home by Asian Paints, which you can check out in 2022.

  1. Snow Fall 

If you want your walls to act as a blank canvas for your eccentric décor pieces, then look no further than the Snow Fall colour from Asian Paints’ colour catalogue. It is a calming taupe grey colour, which will instantly make you feel at home. This neutral hue is so versatile that you can almost use it for any corner of your space from the living room, bedroom and kitchen to the exterior walls of your house. If you are hesitant to paint an entire room in this hue, then you can use it for your accent walls and paint the rest of the room white. 

  1. Pale Blush 

Blush is a colour that reminds you of fresh blooming peonies, flamingoes and the pink sky. It’s a neutral colour that evokes a sense of serenity and safety. It makes you want to open up and embrace your vulnerable side. People often have a misconception that this graceful hue is feminine and cannot be used for neutral spaces. However, this is not true.
The Pale Blush colour by Asian Paints is a refreshing neutral hue which is perfect for your living room, bedroom, home office or your kid’s room. The best part about this hue is that it goes well with almost any colour from greys, blues, and yellows to whites and greens.

  1. Winter Cherry 

For people who are on the hunt for a whimsical neutral hue which is unique, Winter Cherry from Asian Paints’ colour catalogue won’t disappoint you. It’s a sensual light mauve colour that will instantly make a room feel fancy and stylish. It’s a perfect colour to paint the walls of your bedroom as it will make your bedroom look intimate and luxurious. You can also consider painting a feature wall in your living or dining room in winter cherry. A pro tip is to choose your furniture and décor elements in white, dark green or grey colour as they go well with this shade.

  1. Mint Crush 

Nothing screams more refreshing than the mint colour. People who are on the hunt for a neutral hue which isn’t too cliché, should give the Mint Crush by Asian Paints a try. This cool hue will help you transform your home into a sanctuary by creating a zen vibe in your space. Mint Crush is a versatile colour and can be used in almost any room. You can incorporate furniture and décor elements in pink, grey, white and beige colour as they pair well with mint colour.

Remember that neutrals colours don’t just mean your beiges, whites, creams and greys. Today, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a neutral home colour. So, do your homework and find a neutral shade that intrigues you and best reflects your personality. A pro tip is to buy paint swatches and test them against your walls before you buy paints for your home.

Need help deciding which neutral hue will best suit your space? Head to the Asian Paints website and browse through their wide selection of neutral hues which you can consider to do up your space in 2022.

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